Learning Movement

Join us in the learning movement

I am excited to share with you my powerful program for becoming a lifelong learner.
The great benefit of continuous learning is that it’s available to everyone. It’s the most democratic of life’s endeavors and requires no special equipment or unusual talent. Learning should be fun! 

Starting today, implement each learning step towards becoming a passionate lifelong learner into your life, and you’ll be on your way to personal and professional transformation. 

Steps to becoming a passionate life-long learner

Source: Sarder Inc., 2011



Now that you’re inspired, here are some ways to remain energized for the long haul: 

 1. Becoming a passionate Lifelong Learner 

  1. Develop and implement a dynamic learning plan (Learning Goal, Competency Method, Learning Methods)
  2. Read an hour each day
  3. Build your own library
  4. Start or join a book club

2. Promote the value of lifelong learning 
Whether you are a politician, CEO, teacher, student, journalist, or other professional, The Learning Movement believes in sharing and passing along inspiration and resources: 

  1. Readers: Distribute the “Gift of Learning: The Learning Map” cards to eight people you care about the most.
  2. CEOs, Managers, Leaders: Build a culture of learning within your company by distributing this book. The best- run organization is a learning organization.
  3. Business Owners / Entrepreneurs: Become avid readers and passionate lifelong learners if you want to run a successful business. Begin to promote a culture of learning by practicing the lessons in this book.
  4. Journalist, Activist: Use your authority to promote the value of lifelong learning. Talk about the ideas in this book to create a buzz about a new learning movement.
  5. Congressman, Politicians: Develop a continuous learning culture in the United States. Education begins after we finish our schooling, through self-education for adults.
  6. Educators, Teachers, Professors: Make this book required reading if you want your students to become self-learners in the future.

The Learning Movement’s motto is: Learning is Cool! Join us in The Learning Movement right now!

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