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 Learning: steps to becoming a passionate lifelong learner is Russell’s second book. In it, he explains eight specific steps that will teach you how to become a passionate lifelong learner.   

Learning: steps to becoming a passionate lifelong learner


Microsoft interviewed NetCom President & CEO, Russell Sarder

Microsoft Interviews NetCom Information Technology about the Current and Future Impact of Microsoft Certifications on Companies and their Employees

New York, NY – July 15, 2010 – Today Microsoft interviewed NetCom President & CEO, Russell Sarder to discover the business impact and real-world perceptions of Microsoft Certifications for organizations and their employees. As a long-time Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading Microsoft training provider, NetCom painted an accurate picture of this impact.

In summary, the interview showed that as Microsoft Certifications continue to evolve to more closely align with job roles, the demand for certifications from both individuals and companies is on the rise. The biggest factor behind the increase is that IT Professionals and Managers recognize the practical benefits these credentials offer in terms of organizational productivity and professional resourcefulness.

Sarder notes that feedback from NetCom Educational Consultants regarding Microsoft Certification indicates growing interest. “We used to have to invest a stronger effort to promote certification, but recently, many individuals know they want it and that’s how they start the conversation with us,” he says. He believes there are several reasons for this trend. Human resources managers often tell NetCom that they search for certification credentials when they review resumes on online job boards; without the proper certification, a candidate’s visibility is minimal. Also, Microsoft Certification clearly validates a person’s claim to a certain level of expertise that might otherwise be doubtful, especially when new technologies are involved. Read more »

NetCom and Sarder Scholarship Featured on NY1 News

See NetCom CEO Russell Sarder discuss the value of IT certification, NetCom’s philosophy of lifelong learning, and learn about the Sarder Scholarship, a monthly $2,500 award for driven students seeking to begin or advance their career in IT.