Microsoft interviewed NetCom President & CEO, Russell Sarder

Microsoft Interviews NetCom Information Technology about the Current and Future Impact of Microsoft Certifications on Companies and their Employees

New York, NY – July 15, 2010 – Today Microsoft interviewed NetCom President & CEO, Russell Sarder to discover the business impact and real-world perceptions of Microsoft Certifications for organizations and their employees. As a long-time Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading Microsoft training provider, NetCom painted an accurate picture of this impact.

In summary, the interview showed that as Microsoft Certifications continue to evolve to more closely align with job roles, the demand for certifications from both individuals and companies is on the rise. The biggest factor behind the increase is that IT Professionals and Managers recognize the practical benefits these credentials offer in terms of organizational productivity and professional resourcefulness.

Sarder notes that feedback from NetCom Educational Consultants regarding Microsoft Certification indicates growing interest. “We used to have to invest a stronger effort to promote certification, but recently, many individuals know they want it and that’s how they start the conversation with us,” he says. He believes there are several reasons for this trend. Human resources managers often tell NetCom that they search for certification credentials when they review resumes on online job boards; without the proper certification, a candidate’s visibility is minimal. Also, Microsoft Certification clearly validates a person’s claim to a certain level of expertise that might otherwise be doubtful, especially when new technologies are involved.Approximately 80 percent of NetCom’s training business comes from corporate clients and government agencies; the remainder comes from individuals who pay their own way. For professionals who want to gain more skills or obtain technical certification but are not able to make the investment, NetCom offers the Sarder Scholarship Program. Every month, the company awards one person U.S. $2,500 to be applied toward training and certification. NetCom has awarded 15 scholarships to date. Close to 1,000 people applied for scholarship funding during the last year, with most of them aiming for certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, PMI, and Adobe.

While NetCom offers training courses from more than 20 of the leading technology vendors, Microsoft Training and Certification programs account for close to 40% of their overall revenue. NetCom prepares students for Microsoft Certification via all-inclusive boot camps at its New York, Las Vegas, and Washington DC campuses. Boot camps include hands-on training and certification prep from the IT industry’s leading instructors, together with a comprehensive travel package featuring airfare, meals, and deluxe accommodations.

NetCom is poised to realize further growth in the Microsoft Certification area. “Our client advisory board understands how Microsoft Certification translates into workplace productivity, and they appreciate how Microsoft has driven the entire industry to a more elevated standard of professional accreditation” said Sarder.

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About NetCom

NetCom Information Technology is a leading provider of technical training to businesses, individuals, and government agencies. Recently recognized by Microsoft as their Worldwide Training Partner of the Year, and named one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in America, NetCom has served more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies, developed relationships with more than 22,000 business customers, and supported approximately 50,000 individual professionals with training and certification. Headquartered in New York City, NetCom operates full service training centers in Manhattan, Las Vegas, and Washington DC. NetCom also offers private training courses at client sites and Live Online Training via the internet.


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About this author  An entrepreneur who inherited his passion for lifelong learning from his parents, Russell Sarder founded NetCom Learning ( in 1998. Sarder has led NetCom to be recognized as a technical and business training leader. Within a decade, he has grown the company into an over multimillion revenue company. Driven by Sarder’s passion and dedication, and differentiated by its focus on client excellence, the NetCom Learning has successfully aligned itself with industry leaders such as Project Management Institute, Microsoft, CISCO, CompTia, EC-Council, Autodesk, Adobe, Check Point, Novell, Oracle, and IBM. NetCom Learning was listed as one of the fastest growing private company in USA by Inc 5000 Magazine in 2008. NetCom also received CPLS of the Year 2007 award by Microsoft and EC-Council Circle of Excellence award in 2010. Sarder is also Chairman and CEO of Sarder Inc., a holding company that includes NetCom Learning, NetCom CMS (Central Management Software), Ebiz9, Technology and Training magazine and other smaller companies. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, CISCO CEO John Chambers contributed to his technology magazine. Sarder is also the creator of Netcom’s Sarder Scholarship Program, awarded monthly to an ambitious individual who wishes to either begin or advance an IT career. Sarder is a frequent speaker on topics of learning culture and business management. As a motivational speaker, he has appeared in newspaper reports in the Daily News, the New York Times, and the New York Post. His TV appearances include CBS Market Watch, Yahoo Finance and New York One. Sarder has also spoken at major industry events organized by CompTia, Microsoft, and NetCom Learning. Sarder is an avid reader and passionate life-long learner who has followed in the footsteps of his father. A denizen of New York City, Sarder also lives a healthy lifestyle and writes learning books in his spare time. Specialties1. Leadership Development 2. Entrepreneurship 3. Investing in new business 4. Strategy Development 5. People Development 6. People Management 7. Team Building 8. Business Management 9. Profit Management 10. Information Technology Training 11. Business Management Training 12. Professional Speaking

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